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Peter Nilsson

Prof. Peter Nilsson

Principal Investigator



KTH – Royal Institute of Technology
Affinity Proteomics, SciLifeLab, School of Biotechnology






RELENT Team Stockholm

Burcu Ayoglu

Dr. Burcu Ayoglu

Post Doc Researcher



Dr. Elisa Pin

Post Doc Researcher


Institute presentation

KTH-Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm is the largest and oldest technical university in Sweden. Science for Life Laboratory (SciLifeLab) is a collaboration between KTH, Stockholm University, Karolinska Institutet and Uppsala University for high-throughput molecular biosciences.

The Affinity Proteomics group at SciLifeLab, School of Biotechnology at KTH develops and applies targeted and non-targeted microarray-based strategies using the antigens and antibodies available through the Human Protein Atlas. Immunoassays developed and optimized on these arrays are used for high-throughput analysis of body fluids for disease biomarker discovery. Here, the antibodies or antigens are used to create arrays, which allow for highly multiplex analysis of protein or autoantibody profiles.

Main tasks attributed in the project

Partner KTH will participate in WPs 02 and 05.

Main personnel involved in the project

Peter Nilsson, the KTH PI, is a Professor in Proteomics at SciLifeLab, KTH – Royal Institute of Technology. He has since 2002 been heading the Protein Microarray group within the Human Protein Atlas project. He is the executive director of Affinity Proteomics national platform at SciLifeLab Stockholm and the site director of the Human Protein Atlas at SciLifeLab Stockholm. He is also the vice dean of the School of Biotechnology at KTH. The main research focus is within development and utilization of various protein microarray technologies for antigen and antibody based proteomic profiling and biomarker discovery. Please see undefinedpublicationslist for a complete list of publications

Burcu Ayoglu is a post-doctoral research fellow at SciLifeLab, KTH – Royal Institute of Technology and also at School of Medicine at Stanford University. She has an MSc degree in Medical Biotechnology from KTH. She carried out her PhD studies within the Affinity Proteomics Group at SciLifeLab-KTH. Her research focuses on development and application of multiplexed assay systems for protein biomarker discovery and verification, with a special interest in autoimmune diseases. Please see undefinedpublicationslist for a list of publications.

Elisa Pin is a post-doctoral fellow at SciLifeLab, KTH – Royal Institute of Technology. She has a MSc degree in Medical Biology from the University of Padua (Italy) and a Specialization degree in Clinical Pathology from the University of Udine (Italy). She has a background in genetics and virology, and in the last five years her research focused on protein biomarkers discovery and validation. She participated to several clinical research studies. Please see undefinedpublicationslist for a list of publications

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